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Halo Media Works

Halo Media Works is a full-service 3D production studio based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our studio offers end-to-end services for visual content creation to enhance your user experiences. We specialize in 3D Asset Creation.

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Our Process


The first step is to reach out to our team and speak with us about your content creation or 3D asset development project.


Our team gathers all the relevant information and creates a proposal for you. We call this phase the discovery process.


We work with you to determine the content or 3D assets you need, then we create these assets based on your requirements.


Once you have the 3D assets designed you can then use these for your clients in many different types of customer experiences online.

The future of e-commerce..

Retail Re-Imagined

Halo Media Works is able to produce high quality AR 3D models of many types of retail products and also many manufactured products for online e-commerce catalogs, social media and augmented reality applications.

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3D Rendering Solutions

Scalability is Key

Scale of 3D asset creation for AR and VR is the #1 problem identified by fortune 500 companies. Halo Media Works is a solutions provider for content creation in this space. Halo Media Works has a robust asset development pipeline for 3D work which allows us to easily scale and create several 3D assets efficiently.

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Product Visualization

Our team has provided 3D asset creation services for many specialized industries such as architecture, furniture, fashion and more.

Create connections with content

Story Telling

Content can be used to engage, educate, entertain and ultimately create a connection with those who consume it.

Whether it is 3D rendering, video games, or animation we have the expertise to help you.

Work with us to bring your creative content ideas to life!

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