We are Halo Media Works, a full-service 3D animation production studio. We are here to see to any of your creative VFX, Illustration and animation needs. Our talented staff of artists have seasoned experience in the field for many years within many different industries. Clients big and small we try to strive to make your vision happen for you.

Our services at our 3D studio encompass everything in the CGI pipeline from full 3D character animation, medical animation, architectural visualization, product renders, and visual effects (VFX). However we are not limited to strictly 3D, we can produce a wide range of 2D services from illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, infographics, concept art, storyboards, and game asset art. The main goal here at HMW is to simply create the best art, period. We are truly a bunch of passionate artists who love what we do and we would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Nikhil Bafna | President

The brains behind the operation, Nikhil manages the finances and works with clients. Larry David is his hero.

Jeffrey Simonetta | Creative Director

A skilled animator and 3D guru, Jeff oversees all of our projects and works with our production art. Jeff also teaches at the Cleveland Institute of Art during the evenings.

Ekta Singh | Queen of Numbers

Our number wizard. Ekta deals with managing our finances and keeping the numbers in check while also assisting with our online marketing and web endevours.

Eric Buescher | Art Director

Boy wonder, Eric is our general 2D artist and designer. Eric helps oversee the creative aspects of our projects, design and aesthetics.



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