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The Team

Nikhil Bafna | Strategic Director

The brains behind the operation, Nikhil manages the finances and works with clients. He handles the rough stuff with his fancy business law degree.

Jeffrey Simonetta | Creative Director

A skilled animator and 3D guru, Jeff oversees all of our projects and works with our production art. Jeff also teaches animation at the Cleveland Institute of Art during the evenings.

Eric Buescher | Art Lead

Boy wonder, Eric is our general 2D artist and designer. Eric helps oversee the creative aspects of our projects, design and aesthetics.

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Our History

Halo Media Works started in 2014 as an offshoot of the very successful Pro Image Experts, a large volume photo touch up and imaging firm, after ever increasing demand for 3D was being requested. So capitalizing on the talent pool available in the area, our company formed together a very capable and talented team. Halo Media Works takes advantages of the resources available in both the US and India. The US art team are respected artists in the area both being faculty members of Cleveland Institute of Art teaching their craft. While the team in India has feature and television animation experience. Together you get some of the best work available at a great price.

So Why Mumbai? Besides already having very strong ties to the area thanks to our sister company, Mumbai is known as the “Hollywood” of India. A large concentration of artists have experience working on major animation projects, our team included. You can have artists who have worked on Disney’s “Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy”, the animated features “Alpha and Omega” and “Bibil” also contribute to your project. And because of the costs of running a business is very different in India it helps, you the consumer out by making high-quality animation and rendering available at an accessible price. There’s a misconception on how the costs are able to achieve such a rate as compared to other firms. While that is a complicated question in of itself, it is not because employees are taken advantage of.

In our industry, the talent pool is very competitive in Mumbai, so we must offer employee packages such as basic salaries, severance pay, as well as many paid vacation days per year. The staff in India are our employees, it is not a partnership or a contracted firm like most other studios are.


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Our Software Knowledge

3ds Max
Arnold Renderer
Cinema 4D
Corona Render
Marvelous Designer

Unreal Engine
Fume Fx
Adobe Creative Cloud

Mental Ray