Animation and VFX

Animation can bring a beautiful image to life. Here at Halo Media Works, we have a staff of extremely talented CGI animators who can produce everything from compelling character 3D animation and advance VFX. Our artists can create both photo-realistic and stylized special effects with everything from fluids, fur, cloth, smoke, and explosions. Check out our Monster Munchies cinematic to see a sample of our work.

Our Services

3D Animation

We can produce high-quality animation with the latest animation software. Learn More

Visual Effects

Anything you can imagine, we can simulate it. Learn More

2D Animation

We are able to create animated infographics and full character animation. Learn More

3D Animation services

Character Animation

Full Character Animation

Our studio has a full production 3D character animation pipeline ready to produce any animation you require. With the combination of our talented 3d animators, 3d modelers, and lighting artists we can design and build anything from scratch to satisfy your project requirements. The video above is an in-house animation called “Angel”. Angel shows off our 3D character animation abilities. The main character was designed, modeled, rigged, animated, and rendered all in-house at Halo Media Works. This cinematic shows off our technical abilities with special effects as well as cloth and hair simulation.

Medical Animation

General Animation

The video to the left is a medical animation showcasing some of our medical animation work. With animation and visual effects we can visualize anything just like the inside of this stomach. If your job requires anything of the such get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

Visual Effects Animation

Special Effects Animation

Special Effects are becoming all too common in films, TV, and advertising. At Halo Media Works we can handle a large volume of vfx whether they’d be stylized or photo-realistic. A totally believable effect is hard to accomplish, but can add a layer of detail to help sell the look you want to achieve and we can handle it. We can handle match movement too for live action shots. We are masters of 3D and Halo Media Works can accomplish what ever our project needs. Contact us Today!


2D Animation

Info-graphics and Explainer videos.

Halo Media Works has capability 2D animators on site as well as talented 2D graphic artist. If you are in need of any 2D animations be it animated info-graphic, explained videos, advertisement shot feel free to contact us below.

2D animation