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Using 3D Medical Models as Teaching and Communication Tools

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When you work in the medical industry, much of your job involves education. This is obviously the case with those in the medical education field, but it’s also true for medical professionals. In today’s digital world, 3D medical model technology is an integral part of that educational process. Research is also an integral part of the medical world, especially for …

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The Evolution and Growth of Medical Visualization Technology

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Years ago, professionals in the medical field relied heavily on 2D images for a realistic look inside the human body. The information provided from these images was utilized to create real-world 3D models of body parts that could be used to instruct medical students or explain certain conditions and procedures to patients. Still, these models came with certain drawbacks. They …

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What to Look For in a Medical Illustration Company

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When it comes to educating others, words and data can only communicate so much. Beyond their limits lie the world of medical visualization technology — a world where people can actually see a heart pump, watch medication obliterate cancer cells, or observe a realistic animation of a lifesaving surgical procedure. For those in the medical field, 3D models, realistic graphics …

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How 3D Medical Illustrations Are Changing Health Care Marketing

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If you’re marketing a new gadget, it makes sense to use dynamic media to truly show what that device can do. So if you’re marketing a complex medical device — or even a new pharmaceutical — doesn’t it make sense to utilize 3D medical illustrations rather than a pamphlet or flyer? 3D medical illustrations (high-resolution models, animations, and renders) are …

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Communicating Complex Medical Information With Animated Surgical Procedures

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Regardless of the subject, when you’re trying to convey a message, using visual aids is far better than endless amount of text, especially if you want your audience to be engaged and educated. This is particularly true in the medical industry, which is why more and more medical professionals are turning to animated surgical procedures to present complex information. Animated …