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Halo Media Work is an experienced external development partner. Our studio can provide a services, from high-res modeling, animation, 2D assets creation, concept art, and Illustration. We can quickly adjust to fit the needs of your project. Any software or pipeline needs your project requires can be easily meet.

Not only have we worked on other games, but we have created our own. Monster Munchies is a casual mobile puzzle game created here at Halo. Check it out here!

Monster Munchies Game Art

Monster Munchies is a mobile game developed in-house at Halo Media Works. The game focuses on a wild human child, Max, who is lost on an alien planet. Max, like any growing young boy, Max is hungry and full of energy. It is your job to help solve puzzles in order help feed Max. Our game is still in development, but you can look around and see all 2D asset produced for the game. All the assets were painted and design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The game will be released for iOS and Android.

Title Background
Monster Munchies Concepts