Illustration, Game Assets, and Concept Art

Digitally Painted – 2D Graphics

Although Halo Media Works produces work that is centered around the 3D pipeline, that by no means limits from more traditional work. We have the skills to do a variety of work in the 2D realm. Whether you are looking for 2D graphic design for a new app, Illustrations for a print medium, or beautiful realistic matte paintings in your film, Our studio has the skills to handle your projects needs. We have created graphics for mobile games and explainer and infographic videos. We can work with vectors, pixels, and even traditional pencil and paper if your project calls for it.

Low Poly 3D Assets for Mobile – Painterly Style!

Need great looking 3D models for mobile? Well look no further. Our team of models can make efficient models for mobile that look great! We can do the painterly texture look for low poly 3d models like the above image. Or we can do Flat color cartoony style like you see with anime. Whatever it may be we can handle it!

Our Services


Beautiful Polished Digital Paintings and Graphics that really draw attention and appeal.

Game Art and Asset Development

Our staff can design and create 2D and 3D game assets. We particularly specialize in the mobile markets.

Concept Art

Need a look developed from scratch? We can help flesh those ideals out visually! We can produce concept art for any pre-production.

3D Modeling

Beautiful 3D Models both realistic or stylized catered to any of your needs.


2D Illustration can bring a level of expression and heart that only the human hand can provide. If you are looking for a painterly or cartoony stylized illustration our 2D artists can match any style that your project requires.

Enviroment Art
  • Castle Concept Art
  • Castle_
  • City Sunset concept
Children’s Book Illustration

Game Art

Monster Munchies Game Art

Monster Munchies is a mobile game developed in-house at Halo Media Works. The game focuses on a wild human child, Max, who is lost on an alien planet. Max, like any growing young boy, Max is hungry and full of energy. It is your job to help solve puzzles in order help feed Max. Our game is still in development, but you can look around and see all 2D asset produced for the game. All the assets were painted and design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The game will be released for iOS and Android.

Title Background
Level Select
Level Background
Level Background
Hand painted textures on 3D Models

Concept Art

Munchin’ Max

Concept Art

Any production, either 3D or 2D, the process still always starts with lots of creative design. The creative brainstorm is visually displayed as concept art,. If you need visual concepts for any production whether it be character, environment, or even storyboarding, we will work together to produce appealing work.