3D Medical
Visualization Services

Halo Media Works has been working with medical companies to produce high-quality medical model and animation for whatever your project requires. We pride ourselves on creating the beautiful and accurate renders with hi-resolution models and realistic motion. Our staff of animators and artists will work together with your team to ensure that your project meets the highest possible standards of the industry.

Medical reel

Our Services

High-Resolution Models

Using the lastest 3D software we can create highly detailed and realistic models. Learn More

Realistic Animation

Our animators can create dynamic and realistic motion for your scene. Learn More

High-Quality Renders

We will precisely light and shade your models to display them in their proper detail. Learn More

3D Medical Models

Medical Visualization

Your work is important. People in the medical and scientific fields are coming up with innovations that improve the quality of our lives. These innovations deserve highly-detailed animated products that can act as teaching tools or presentations. Take a look at examples of some of our work below and see our level of quality for yourself.

Medical Animation

Surgical procedure animation

Advanced motion

Our team at Halo Media Works understands how important precise motion for medical animation is. We work together with clients through a series of storyboards, rough animatics, and test renders to ensure the desired motion and look is captured. Keeping you, the client, informed throughout the entire animation process is main goals of ours. We want to break down​ every shot and bring your project to life.

Cellular Animation
surgical procedures

High Quality Renders

bacteria and microbes animation
blood cell animation

Advanced Renders

Our talented artists are properly trained with various render engines in order to produce quality and stunning work. So whether you’re a pharmaceutical representative who needs an explainer video to show how your product works or a medical school that wants videos and stills to teach students, our experienced staff can work with your medical experts to provide you with a realistic, high-quality product. We can even provide specialty render like the shown spherical render below.

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