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Understanding Advertising Design and Illustration in Broadcast, Print, and Online

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Broadcast, print, and online media are the triad of effective advertising. Each has different pros and cons that work well depending on the kind of message you’d like to communicate.

No matter what type of advertising campaign you choose, it’s important to use eye-catching and well laid-out advertising design and illustration. If you’re going to invest money in reaching out to customers via television commercials, magazine or internet ads, or websites, you’ll only have seconds to gain and maintain their attention. As the old saying goes, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Sleek Special Effects for Broadcast

Businesses choose broadcast advertising because of its incredibly long reach. It’s an effective way to carry information about your company or service across various geographic areas.

You also can’t beat the visual impact of television advertising. The visual elements in advertising design and illustration are meant to show potential customers exactly what your product can do.

What’s possible if you work with a graphic designer to bring your advertising idea to life? Nothing exists beyond the realm of possibility. Have fun with animated cartoons that explain how your service works and why your company is the best one to provide it. Customers love it when you lighten things up and bring smiles to their faces.

For a more sleek and serious broadcast ad, consider 3D animation and VFX. 3D animation can still take on a fun, cartoonish vibe, if you’d like — just with more realistic detail than traditional animation. At its finest, however, 3D animation is virtually indistinguishable from a live-filmed commercial. Would you like to feature a helicopter landing on top of an SUV as the automobile races down Germany’s Autobahn at 120 miles per hour? Do you lack the funding to make that kind of a commercial shoot happen? With 3D animation, it’s all possible – and no one has to fly across the world to make it so.

Animation VFX is another exciting field in the world of advertising design and illustration. It enables you to show your product in otherworldly detail. Zoom in up close and show otherwise-invisible wind hugging and whipping around the gorgeous curves all along the body of a new sports car. Digitally “film” a commercial that features someone opening a beverage can in ultra-slow motion. Show beads of condensation slowly dripping down the bottle as tiny droplets of moisture fly upwards as the tab is flipped on the can. The effect is so much more than simply filming someone open and sip a drink in real time. Professional advertising design opens up a whole new world of perspective for you to present to potential customers.

Set Yourself Apart in Print

While you lose the element of motion in print advertising, you gain the ability to deliver much more detailed information. In broadcast advertising, you have to pack a punch in around 30 seconds. With a magazine ad, for instance, your viewer has the chance to pore over it at their leisure. You get the chance to tell them what your brand and product is about without being quickly rushed off the stage.

Just like other forms of advertising, though, print advertising has to be attention-grabbing. If you don’t draw the viewer in, they won’t stay long enough to learn what you’d like to convey to them. That’s where advertising design and illustration comes in. Professional graphic designers know what colors and layouts work best to attract the right audience. They understand how to draw the eye and capture attention. From vivid illustrations to impact text, graphic designers are skilled at using all of the elements in an ad to make a bold statement.

Advertising Design and Illustration for Online Media

While broadcast and print media are still important, today is the age of the internet. This means that websites, online ads, and apps are the most important way to reach today’s tech-savvy customers. In fact, when searching for a service or a specific company, a growing number of people will look online first.

Online advertising means more than putting your company’s information on a website. Everything that applies to broadcast media also applies to online advertising. Think of your website or apps as mini-television channels on which you can broadcast content about your brand, your product, and your service.

This means that animated videos and breathtaking 3D virtual effects can be incredibly effective at capturing people’s attention and keeping them interested in your website or app. Great graphics can also inspire potential customers to click on internet ads, turning them into new customers.

Whether you’re planning to reach out to the public via broadcast, print, or the internet, advertising design and illustration are a key part of an effective campaign. If you’re investing in reaching out to customers, make your message the very best it can be.

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